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Francesco Clemente
Francesco Clemente - The Albertina Museum, Vienna - News - Lopez de la Serna CAC

Francesco Clemente. Southern Cross, 2006. The Albertina Museum, Vienna - The Jablonka Collection

The Albertina Museum is devoting a comprehensive solo presentation to the Italian-American artist Francesco Clemente. It serves to mark the Albertina Museum’s acquisition of the Jablonka Collection, which holds a great many of Clemente’s important works. Alongside works from the Jablonka Collection, several further key works from the Albertina’s own holdings.

A particular focus here is on Clemente’s self-portraits and the travels inextricably linked therewith, to be seen in works created all over the world. Impressions and experiences, stories and myths are likewise clearly visible in this artist’s output, alluding to their important role for him as a person in all of their many facets.

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