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Peter Halley. The Echo of Picasso (group show)
Peter Halley. The Echo of Picasso (group show) - Museo Picasso, Malaga - News - Lopez de la Serna CAC

Deux Femmes à la Plage, 1979

Organised within the framework of the international celebrations marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) and curated by Éric Troncy, The Echo of Picasso relates Picasso’s oeuvre to that of contemporary artists who, in one way or another, have made or are making its echo resound.

‘For artists living at the same time as Picasso, it must have been a nightmare trying to keep up with a guy like him. Today we have the freedom of distance.’ (George Condo, 2006).

Today, with the hypothetical end of the avant-gardes, and all the more now that figurative painting seems to have provisionally retrieved its credentials, Picasso’s extraordinary formal inventiveness, formidable stylistic freedom, scant interest in convention and compulsive creativity loom large over contemporary artists. He is probably the only artist so frequently cited, interpreted, evoked, reprised, commented and celebrated in the works of his contemporary and later peers.

‘No matter what, sooner or later there is an inevitable Picasso epiphany in every artist’s life.’ (Marina Faust, 2023).

More information at: Museo Picasso Málaga